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September Has Sucked

I really have not been in the mood to write for the past couple of weeks.  Not that there has been a lack of things to write about, but I have just been bummed for most of September.  After what was a great trip home to visit the family, I found myself back in Houston a week later for my grandmothers funeral.  She was 94 and lived a long and healthy life.  I was so glad I went the week before and spent some quality time with her.  We watched the Cowboys play the Texans at my aunts house.  If that didn’t bring me down enough, Hurricane Ike blows through Houston and destroys the city knocking out power to everyone I knew.  I spoke more to my mom in those days she did not have power than I had the previous three months.  I am just glad everyone was safe, although I still know of some folks that are lacking electricity.  On top of that, the Texas v. Arkansas game was canceled, so the Hogs just got to delay the inevitable loss that will incur this weekend.

At least the last weekend of September should bring some much needed fun.  I am heading to New Orleans for the weekend for my friend Felipe’s bachelor party.  I have not been to nawlins since my brother-in-law Lloyd’s bachelor party right before Katrina hit.  I am curious to see if the city is any different than when I saw it last.  It should be a good time.


One Response to “September Has Sucked”

  1. Stay away from the gay bars this time…I know it will be difficult for you!

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