Follies in Florida
My adventures in the Sunshine State

Not a Drop of Rain

Mother Nature is a funny beast.  All weekend the path of Fay was projected to give my area a direct hit.  As a result I stocked up on enough bottle water to last me a month.  I spent all day Monday tracking the storm and was ready for the worst.  I completely expected to wake up in the middle of the night to crashing thunder and high winds.  When I finally woke up this morning and looked outside, you can imagine my surprise to see the sun and no rain insight.  I was just happy to have power so I decided to watch the Olympics and make a protein shake to get the morning going before I logged on remotely to get the day started.  Unfortunately I spent more time this morning watching Brazil play Argentina in soccer than work.  About 11am I got an email that the office would open at noon.  Living so close to the office there really was not an excuse to go in, so I eventually rolled in around two only to spend the afternoon talking baseball.  While I am glad we were spared from the worst, I still want to experience a hurricane while I am here.  Three more months of hurricane season.

No rain and calm winds to end the day


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