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Tropical Storm Fay Heading This Way

It looks like me and Tropical Storm Fay are on a collision course.  I say bring it on bitch.  This is not my first hurricane encounter.  Back in 2005 I was in New Orleans for my future brother-in-laws bachelor party only to have Hurricane Katrina interrupt the party and send us scrambling to make our way back to Texas.  We had to sleep in the airport, but I was happy to get the hell out of there 5 hours before Katrina made landfall.

In preparation I got my hurricane checklist and hit the grocery store to get stocked on supplies.    It looks like my trip to Houston will be put on hold until the storm passes.  I want to be here to document my first hurricane experience in Florida and I want to make sure all my stuff is safe and secure.


2 Responses to “Tropical Storm Fay Heading This Way”

  1. Don’t forget to purchase a larger bottle of vagisil this time just in case.

  2. I guess you know from experience.

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