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Olympic Glory

Actually yesterday was the 8th of August and the official opening day of the 2008 Olympics, but I was stuck at work until 8pm yesterday and had no desire to go anywhere near a computer when I got home.

Every four years the USA gets to show the world its dominance in everything.  I am particularly a fan of Team USA Basketball because of all the Olympians I feel they have the most to prove.  I will also be watching Track and Field very closely.  Our Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Jim Hardee’s son Trey will be representing the USA in the decathlon.  Check out his blog here.  You have to be one heck of an athlete to compete in the decathlon, it makes perfect sense that Trey competed in Track and Field for the great University of Texas.  There are over 15 athletes from UT competing in the Olympics, this says a lot about the quality of the athletic program.  I know all the Horns will be bringing home the gold.


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