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Weekend Recap: Me and Gilligan

My buddy Arkansas came to visit for the weekend and there were plenty of items on the agenda.


After running a few errands and a quick bite to eat and short conversation with Dick VItale at the Broken Egg, we headed for the marina to get ready for our fishing excursion.  We paid our $55, which I thought was cheap for a fishing trip, and boarded the Flying Fish II.  We upgraded our standard pole for a 3-hook version to catch three times the fish.  After a 1.5 hour choppy boat ride which took us about 5 miles offshore and the fishing could commence.  I baited all three hooks with freshly cut squid and I was ready to cast the line, but I was interrupted by a lady yakking over the side of the boat about 10 feet down from us.  Part of me felt bad for the lady, because the day was only beginning, but the other part of me laughed my ass off.  She obviously did not take her dramamine before the ride.  It took only 5 minutes before I landed my first catch which brought me three fish on the three separate hooks.  I was kinda disappointed with the size of the fish, I mean we were deep sea fishing and some of these fish could have fit in my aquarium from college.  When it was all said and done, we caught 16 fish between the two of us.  These fish were not much of a fight but fun to catch none the less.  After arriving back on dry land, we collected our fish and got them cleaned for us for the bargain price of 50 cents a fish.  It would have taken us 3 hours to do what took the boat crew 10 minutes.  We grabbed a quick bite to eat afterwards and headed back to my house exhausted after a long day on the open sea.  Great success!


I slept in Saturday morning and finally got up to get a haircut at the Barbary Shoppe.  They do a great job and Arkansas got his haircut there too.  We spent the rest of the afternoon chilling around the apartment before heading to the Rays baseball game.  It was BJ Upton figurine day for the first 10,000 fans, so I made it a point to get to the stadium early to make I got one.  Last time sprinkles and I went to the Rays game and we got there too late to get one.  Needless to say I was pissed.  I know its ridiculous to be so obsessive over a starting lineup figurine that probably cost $1.00  to make, but I love sports collectibles so get off my back.  We got to the gates an hour before game time and all the damn figurines were GONE!!  I was pissed.  My mood went from happy to disappointed.  We walked to our seats and seeing all the happy people with their figurines just made my blood boil.  The only thing that calmed me down were the numerous beers I drank.  Thank God for alcohol!  During the 7th inning the sandman’s wife Jackie felt sorry for me about not getting a figurine, or maybe she was tired of my bitching about not getting one, but convinced the people next to us to sell me and Arkansas their figurines for $5 each which I gladly paid.  With the coveted figurine in hand, I was ecstatic.  On top of that the Rays beat the Tigers 9-3.  We stayed after the game for a free LL Cool J concert which ended up sucking, but I didn’t care I was on cloud nine.


Not much to report here, we spent the day being lazy because we both felt sick from all the food we ate at the baseball game the night before.  Just a recap of what I ate; hotdogs, peanuts, nachos, an ice cream sundae and then pizza late at night.  I was miserable all day but still took Arkansas to eat hamburgers at one of my favorite places, 5 Guys.  Then it was off to the airport to send Arkansas on his way,  Thanks for coming to visit.

Flying Fish II

Flying Fish II

Arkansas on the ride out

Arkansas on the ride out

Heading back to shore

Heading back to shore

Me with all the fish we caught

Me with all the fish we caught

The coveted BJ Upton figurine

The coveted BJ Upton figurine

More pics to be posted soon.


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