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Headed Home to Houston

August 20, 2008

I am in need of a much needed break from work.  What better way to relax than with a few margaritas and a good plate of homemade enchiladas.   Not sure what the next six days will bring, but I am looking forward to seeing the family and catching up with some friends.  I gotta go […]

Not a Drop of Rain

August 19, 2008

Mother Nature is a funny beast.  All weekend the path of Fay was projected to give my area a direct hit.  As a result I stocked up on enough bottle water to last me a month.  I spent all day Monday tracking the storm and was ready for the worst.  I completely expected to wake […]

Tropical Storm Fay Heading This Way

August 17, 2008

It looks like me and Tropical Storm Fay are on a collision course.  I say bring it on bitch.  This is not my first hurricane encounter.  Back in 2005 I was in New Orleans for my future brother-in-laws bachelor party only to have Hurricane Katrina interrupt the party and send us scrambling to make our […]

F off Fay

August 16, 2008

I am just a few days away from finally getting a chance to go home and visit the familia, but Tropical Storm Fay has decided to make her her path right for the Tampa/St. Petersburg area.  I have missed flights this year because of traffic, mechanical maintenance, and now I might be able to chalk […]

Happy 30th Birthday Lauren!

August 12, 2008

Today is my sisters 30th birthday.  Send her some birthday wishes via her blog, On the Go with L.  I think the blog needs to renamed to On the Go with Major.  All she blogs about these days are Major and whether or not he took a dump in their house.  But I digress, have […]

Olympic Glory

August 9, 2008

Actually yesterday was the 8th of August and the official opening day of the 2008 Olympics, but I was stuck at work until 8pm yesterday and had no desire to go anywhere near a computer when I got home. Every four years the USA gets to show the world its dominance in everything.  I am […]

Weekend Recap: Me and Gilligan

August 3, 2008

My buddy Arkansas came to visit for the weekend and there were plenty of items on the agenda. FRIDAY After running a few errands and a quick bite to eat and short conversation with Dick VItale at the Broken Egg, we headed for the marina to get ready for our fishing excursion.  We paid our […]