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Hotdogging it For 85 Years

Today is the 85th anniversary of a Houston icon and my favorite place to eat hot dogs, the wonderful James Coney Island.  In celebration of the anniversary they are selling hot dogs for  $0.85.  If I were there I would order ten.  Unfortunately there are no James Coney Islands outside of Houston.  It’s one of those places that everyone from Houston loves, and everyone outside of Houston hates.  I do not know why, but even my own brother-in-law Richard aka Lloyd would rather eat a Sonic chili dog than a delicious Coney Island hot dog. I think he’s crazy.  Thankfully I will be in Houston in a few weeks and get my fill on hot dogs and Delaware Punch.  That day cannot come soon enough.

Mr. Weenie himself


3 Responses to “Hotdogging it For 85 Years”

  1. JCI is awful and that is why they do not have any franchises outside of Houston. Your affinity for eating hot dogs is not surprising.

  2. This must be Lloyd posting, get back to work!

  3. Yes, WH doesn’t know what a good hot dog tastes like obviously.

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