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No Limit Soldier

Tonight I went to play a no limit Texas hold ’em tournament at my buddy Sandman’s house.  I have not played in a while and was anxious to get back in the action.  There were seven of us at the table and everyone plays on a regular basis.  I started out very conservative only playing choice cards and this strategy worked very well for me as I was the chip leader going into the second round.  The second round everyone began to play tight as the blinds kept going up every 15 minutes.  I tried to bully a few hands only to find myself being called on every hand.  By the end of the second round my chip count was cut in half.

Going into the third round I was not catching any cards and was slowly being blinded out.  With about $3000 in chips left and the blinds 600/1200 I caught a pair of fives.  Not a great hand but fives had been flying all over the board all night.  So what the hell, I decided to play them and called the $1200.  There were only two of us playing this hand and the flop comes K, Q, J.  I felt my heart drop as I knew this guy had one of those cards to make a pair that would surely beat mine.  He called and I folded.  With only $1800 in chips left I should have pushed all in, but being the donkey that I was I folded.  I asked to play out the hand only to see a five come on the turn and another 5 come on the river.  Now I felt sick, absolutely sick!  Quad fives, what are odds?  As the oohs and damns crossed the table, the other guy at the table turned over his pair of fours.  I felt like such a jackass for not pushing all in.  I eventually got blinded out and left Sandman’s house probably feeling the most bitter that I have ever been playing poker.

What was I thinking???  I mean I barely had enough to cover the blinds, but I tried to be safe and protect the small stack that I had left.  While I was not the first or second person knocked out, I am still pissed that I did not play better.


2 Responses to “No Limit Soldier”

  1. Pocket 5’s when you are short stacked playing heads up is stronger than you think. In addition, you should have played them because you were going to get blinded out the next hand anyway. You should have gone all in because with your chip stack people were going to call you no matter what.


  2. You just gotta keep practicing.

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