Follies in Florida
My adventures in the Sunshine State

Right Near the Beach

One of the main reasons I moved to Florida was to take advantage of new experiences I cannot get back in Texas.  I live 20 minutes from one of the nicest beaches in the US, and today I decided to take my workout to the beach and go for a nice run while watching the sunset.  There is nothing like running and clearing your mind from all the days problems and frustrations and looking out to an awesome sunset with some of the clearest water at your feet.  Even though the sun was going down, there were still quite a few people out enjoying the water and relaxing on the beach.  As I made my way down the beach two thoughts crossed my mind; I need to make it a point to do this more often and running on the beach versus a treadmill is hard.

After a hard two mile run, and yes I did say hard.  I ran down the beach a mile and turned around to complete my run.  Only going back i had a hell of a headwind to face.  Needless to say you do not get that on a treadmill, and I was not ready for it.  After I finally finished I decided what better way to cap off the run than to relax with my feet in the water.  So there I stood looking out into the Gulf of Mexico winded but feeling great.


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