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Rays Win!

Last night a group of my co-workers went to Tropicana Field to see the Rays play the Chicago Cubs during interleague play.  I have been to a few Rays game but have never seen the stadium this packed.  There were Cubs fans everywhere and the cheers for the Cubs were louder than for the Rays.  It was a great game until this jackass behind me spilled his beer on my back and we exchanged a few words before he was escorted out.  My co-workers said they had never seen me so pissed because I am usually all smiles.  In the end, the Rays beat the Cubs 3-2 in a great game.  My brother in law is a die hard Cubs fan so it was nice to see my new hometown team beat the Cubbies!

Our seats were near heaven it was so packed

Peter, Kirsten, and Barbara

Shawn and me


2 Responses to “Rays Win!”

  1. Damn those Rays. The cubs have not lost more than 2 games in a row this entire season so they better win tonight.

    I did notice on ESPN that there were a ton of Cubbies which I though was comical.

  2. You should have made it down for a game and you could have worn your Mireles Cubs jersey

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