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Tired of Flying and Just Plain Tired

I don’t know what I did to the airplane gods but they have not been kind to me my last few attempts to fly. This time I had to fly from San Diego to Atlanta then on to Sarasota. The flight to Atlanta I got stuck in the middle seat which I hate. I planned on getting some work done on the plane, but just did not have the room to do anything except sit there between to rather large people. I had nothing to do or read, because I had planned on being busy on the laptop. After this flight I am seriously considering getting an iPhone so I can at least watch movies on a small device. What seemed like a plane ride that took forever, we finally land in the ATL around 8:40 PM with about 40 minutes to make my connection. I get off the plane and haul ass to the next terminal to find out that it was now delayed 30 minutes. Not a big deal, I figured it gives me a chance to eat something. The flight was delayed a total of 4.5 hours before we finally took off and about an hour of that was spent on the runway in this hot little plane. The only positive was that the pilot was funny and the flight attendants worked very hard to make sure everyone was comfortable. We finally land in Florida about 2:30 am and I get home at about 3 am. My apartment felt like a sauna after being gone for 5 days, so there was no way I could fall asleep in that. By the time I finally crashed it was nearly 4 am and yes I did have to go to work in the morning. I was there by 8:30 am with two Amp energy drinks on my desk to get me through the day.

I will do a more thorough update on the NIRI conference and all the activities in San Diego tomorrow, but just do not have the energy to do it tonight.


One Response to “Tired of Flying and Just Plain Tired”

  1. I was in the A-T-L airport Wednesday night, too. Sounds like you had a hell of a trip home. My flight was delayed but not as bad as your flight. Sounds like San Diego was a lot of fun… time for a beach trip brother.

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