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Better Late than Never

I had every intention of making this post on Tuesday night after driving Felipe and Janish to the airport after a much needed fun filled weekend.  Unfortunately, Gevity had other plans for me that night.  I ended up going back to the office and staying until 11pm.  Needless to say the rest of the week did not get any better.

Quick Recap of the Memorial Day Weekend:

Friday played golf with the guys and realized how much better they got and how much I need lessons.  Spent Friday night in Hyde Park until Chanel No. 5’s flight came in and then partied the night away at the Hard Rock Casino until 5am.  Its always fun making the drive home and looking in the rear view mirror to see everyone knocked out, and then Janish saying “Pull over the car, i think I need to yak.”

We all slept until about 1pm on Saturday and then proceeded to Siesta Key beach after a quick lunch at Five Guys Burgers and loading up on rations.  It was a great day at the beach; the sun was shining and the waves were huge.  Perfect for us to boogie board all afternoon.

We all actually got up early on Sunday and headed to Busch Gardens.  By far one of the best theme parks I have been to.  The park is filled with great roller coasters and half the park is a nature preserve.

Went back to the beach on Memorial Day and it was packed.  My buddy Shawn joined us but never went in the water.  I think he had more fun guarding the cooler.

Heading to the first tee

Heading to the first tee

Janish trying to feed the endangered cranes

White boys almost as white as the sand

Chanel no. 5 aka Vince Young

On the tram at Busch Gardens

On the gondolas at Busch Gardens

Chanel No 5 and Sprint the donkey from the Budweiser Superbowl ads

What we all felt like after a long weekend


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  1. Some pictures…finally.

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