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Waiting Patiently

The weekend is here, too bad I am stuck in the Tampa International Airport waiting for my flight to Dallas. I left work extra early to get here on time because last time I tried to go to Dallas I got stuck in traffic on the Howard Franklin Bridge for over an hour and missed my flight.

Just a quick play by play:

After searching for a parking spot, I cram into the airport shuttle with ten other people on the way to the terminal. I get to the counter with over an hour to spare before CHECK IN. I figure I can enjoy a tasty beverage or two before the flight. In the words of Borat, “Great success!” As I go to check in my bag, i pull my flight itinerary up and the departure time says 11:35pm. I look down at my watch and it is 5:30!!! The ticket agent sees the confusion on my face and politely asks, “Where are you going?” “Dallas”, I tell her and she laughs. “There are no American planes here, they are all at JFK and there are not any extras they can send because of inspections.”

So as I write this in the airport terminal waiting patiently, I go to check the latest status and the flight is now scheduled to leave at 12:30am. Maybe I will get there by Cinco de Mayo??

This is what my plane would look like if it were here

This is what my plane would look like if it were here.


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