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Raccoons 1, Mateo 0

It is only fitting that after making fun of my sister and her husband aka Lloyd for their raccoon adventures that I have my own run in with the dumpster bandits.  I should have known that taking the trash out after dark is not a good idea.  I was just minding my own business waving to my neighbors thinking all is right in Lakewood Ranch.  As I approached the dumpster to throw the bags away a f***ing raccoon pops his little head out only to hiss at me.  Obviously I stepped into his territory and he did not want to share his dumpster gold.  It scared the crap out of me, so I stopped in my tracks only to throw a bag full of trash at him.   That only pissed him off more.  Being the avid hunter that I am, I launched another bag at him to take the little  bandit out.  When that didn’t make him run I got the hell out of dodge.  I figured the leftover banana nut pancakes I hurled his way should be a peace offering.

Gotta run for now, Lost is on.


One Response to “Raccoons 1, Mateo 0”

  1. You make fun, but those are mean little suckers!

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