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Somebody Has a Case of the Mondays

Today was not too bad, me and our awesome marketing team put the annual report design to bed and sent it off to be printed.  The was a long process of getting layouts finalized, photo shoots, writing text for the annual report, and helping write a Chairman’s Letter to shareholders.  I admit I am not the best writer, and now all the writing we do for press and earnings releases are being critiqued by our CEO and CFO who are not only British, but also authors.  Our style of writing is completely different from the Brits.  So if you see me starting to write “cheers” and “chap” in the blog you now know why.

So after a quick workout I came home and sat down to eat dinner and started watching Dancing With the Stars.  Yes, I watch that show.  Ballroom dancing is way harder than it looks.  I should know, I took ballroom dancing in college my freshman year after my sister basically forced me to take it.  She was a teaching assistant and she is a damn good dancer, but I cannot say the same thing about my brother in law, unless its ghetto dancing.  That boy can drop it like its hot.  Ha Ha!!  Taking that class was some of the best advice my sister forced upon me.  So as I watch DWTS tonight, it takes me back to Ms. Rosie Slacks ballroom dancing class and the damn rhythm stick she carried and would pound behind you if you ever got off beat.  That stick always seemed to find its way near me.  I think it was the high expectations she had since my sister was her TA.  Yep, thats it.


One Response to “Somebody Has a Case of the Mondays”

  1. Yeah for Dancing with the Stars. It’s one of the best shows on TV. Plus, it can bring back careers of dwindling stars. How can you beat that?

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