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Easter Madness and Mrs. Robinson

Sorry for being missing in action over this last week. With Terraza in town I did not keep up with my blog. Don’t worry, you did not miss much. I worked all day and Terraza chilled out by the pool. We did go to Coco Beach and pay homage to Major Nelson on our way to Cape Canaveral last Monday, which I highly recommend. Here are a few pictures.

Coco Beach in the Morning

Actual Control Room from Apollo 1 Mission

Terraza the Astronaut

One Small Step…

I was pretty bummed having to miss Easter this year. Not only is it a blast every year, but this year was my Dad and Diane’s 10th wedding anniversary. Congratulations go out to them, I heard it was a great party. I did however get to watch the Madness of the tournament unfold. After the first weekend of action, my bracket is doing okay. All that matters to me is that the Horns continue winning. Seeing how their next game is in Houston, the odds are in their favor. Reliant Stadium will be packed with burnt orange. The last time Texas played at Reliant, Vince Young and boys blew out the Colorado Buffaloes en route to Pasadena and a National Championship. Lets just hope that we keep with tradition and in the words of the Ambassador of Jack Daniels “take care of business” in Houston.

That’s it for tonight, back to watching the Graduate.  Here’s to you Mrs. Robinson.


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