Follies in Florida
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Three Day Weekend

I know what you are thinking, the State of Florida gets St. Patrick’s Day off from work.  Hooray!!!  I wish that were the case, but thats not the reason for the extended weekend.  My mom (Terazza) is coming for a visit, and she is en route from Houston somewhere over the Gulf of Mexico as I write this.  She flies for Continental for a living, and has been doing so for nearly 40 years.  Both my sister and me were flying before we were even born.  Its no wonder our egos are sky high.  But seriously, its amazing to see a person work for the same company their entire lifetime.  My sister and I are trying to get Continental to feature her and her storied career in their inflight magazine.  So next time you are on a Continental flight move the puke bag out of the way and reach for the Continental magazine; you just may be reading about my mom.

I am off to the airport to pick up Terazza and I bet she had a glass of wine or three on the flight.  Why shouldn’t she, its free for her.  I say let the vino flow!!!  There is no doubt she will be all chatty for the first part of the car ride and then passed out in the front seat the rest of the way, (she is kind of a light weight).  We shall see.


One Response to “Three Day Weekend”

  1. My ego isn’t as “sky high” as yours, brotha!

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