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20 In a Row and No Respect

My Houston Rockets tied an NBA record 20 straight wins last night by beating the Atlanta Hawks 83-75.  As great as they are doing they are not getting the recognition they deserve.  Everyone is too busy talking about the Lakers, Cavs, and Celtics.  Yes, these teams are good, but the Rockets are tearing up teams without their star center Yao Ming.  I have a feeling all those basketball analysts will be talking a different story once the Rockets beat these teams.  Beginning with the Lakers Sunday, the Rockets play a tough schedule of the top NBA teams.  Unfortunately, with the NCAA tournament beginning on Thursday all the attention will placed on that and not on my beloved Rockets.   I guess its okay, the playoffs are where it really matters anyway.   If the season were to end today we would play the Mavs in the first round.  I forsee alot of trash talking between me and my Dallas buddies.


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