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Mayflower Hotel and No LUV for Grounded Flights

That’s where the former Governor of New York took his paid escort in DC that ended up getting him busted.  I just find it funny that have these guys not learned, pay with cash.  There is no paper trail!!!  Seriously, for a man that is so smart how can you be so stupid.  Being the former Attorney General, he touted his success of going after organized crime and holding Wall St. accountable.  These guys are laughing all the way to their offshore accounts.  I find it even funnier that the Mayflower Hotel in DC was where I stayed when I participated in LIVESTRONG Day 2007 last year for the Lance Armstrong Foundation.  I told my buddy Will, aka Arkansas that and he laughed about it to.  I told him that it was probably his room where the Governor made the Democratic Party proud.

Apparently Southwest Airlines doesn’t inspect their planes.  I guess all the people they hired to do that were too busy passing out peanuts to care if the wings were about to fall off.  It really sucks because their stock took a big hit today and being a SWA shareholder, I was disappointed.  As a customer, I am really pissed off.  They put many people’s lives in danger and now to pay the fines handed down I have no doubt that cost will get passed off to consumers.   There go the free peanuts.


3 Responses to “Mayflower Hotel and No LUV for Grounded Flights”

  1. That is why you don’t use the comforter at hotel EVER! Keep the blacklights away because it would probably make you puke to see how soiled those things are.

    It is sad that most companies don’t do the responsible things because they are too cheap and only take action when they get negative publicity. GO CAPITALISM…eh comrades.

  2. I think your memory is fuzzy. You were in Room 871, not me. When you told me the other night that it was our hotel, I couldn’t believe it. And I am still not sure that I do!

    I’m a LUV shareholder, too. It is frustrating to see this news, and they are fortunate nothing terrible happened last year on one of the “bad” planes. It is a sad day for the airline, and I am afraid it may be the beginning of major problems for SWA.

  3. Why do you think I picked the Mayflower Hotel for LIVESTRONG Day? There is always something going down there.

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