Follies in Florida
My adventures in the Sunshine State

Breakfast of Champions

First Friday in St. Petersburg was rained out, so it ended up being First Friday in downtown Bradenton.  The doctor and I met up with some of his LECOM buddies. at a local pub.  After partaking in a few drinks, the doctor organized a friendly dart game.  Now I haven’t played darts in a while and I figured I would be pretty rusty.  I was surprised at how well I playing, and then the competitive juices started flowing.  Nobody was really playing seriously except for me and Jeff, aka Baylor.  It ended up being a friendly showdown of Horns v. bears alumni.  Needless to say the outcome kept to tradition as the domination of Longhorns over Baylor bears extended to the dart boards of Florida.

Feeling good about my recent dart victory, I went to buy a round and close out my tab.  When I got my receipt I was shocked; $23.00 for four Jack and cokes and four Miller Lites.  How awesome is that??   I like cheap booze.

After a night of fun we decided to get some late night food to keep the dart victory celebration rolling.  Out here the late night options are very limited, (I miss Taco Cabana and the breakfast taco combos).  We went to McDonald’s and it took FOREVER.  I have never been to a late night drive thru that isn’t serving breakfast at 3:30 in the morning.  Do Floridians really eat whole value meals that late??  All we wanted was a simple egg mcmuffin and it was like we were asking for a filet mignon.   We FINALLY got our food and could FINALLY head home with a bag full of deliciousness.


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