Follies in Florida
My adventures in the Sunshine State

First Friday

It’s finally the weekend and I am ready to get out and do some more exploring in Florida.  Tonight is First Friday in St. Petersburg, a street party in the heart of downtown with live music and cheap booze.  I like that combination.  I am heading out there with the doctor and his fellow medical school buddies.  I do not know if I should feel safe knowing that I am surrounded by so many future doctors in case I choke on a lemon wedge, or be concerned that the future doctors of America are out there killing their brain cells.

The way I look at drinking is alot like a herd of animals in the wild.  The pack is only as fast as the slowest animal, and the slowest animal in the pack is usually the first to die.  This natural selection is good for the entire herd.    The overall speed and health of the herd keeps improving as the weaker ones go away.  Drinking and the human brain are very similar.  The human brain can only process information as fast as the slowest cells.  Since drinking kills brain cells, it naturally goes after the slowest and weakest cells.  In this way, regular consumption eliminates the weaker cells, maker the brain a faster and more efficient machine.  That is why you always feel smarter after a night of drinking.

I can’t remember who told me that, I think the cells that held that information got taken down by my buddy Jack Daniels.


2 Responses to “First Friday”

  1. Amen Brotha. You are now one with force!

  2. I like your take on drinking. Get ready for April.

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