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Soccer Lesson #1 and Primary Voting

Tonight I learned the basics of soccer; run until you puke and then run some more. I know you a re probably thinking what the heck is Mateo doing playing soccer? It all started at work. My buddy Manny, aka the Sandman was talking about how he started playing soccer again after several years of not playing. We started talking and I told him that I never played soccer before. His jaw nearly hit the floor, “How can a Latino go 26 years and never play soccer?” So the Sandman was generous enough to offer to give me lessons. I figured how hard can it be, you run up and down a field and kick a ball in a net. Sounds simple, right??? WRONG! What a workout, I will probably be sore for a while from all the running but I am anxious to get back on the field for lesson #2.

What better way to rest after a hard practice on the soccer field than to watch the Presidential primary results in Texas roll in. This has been by far the most exciting Presidential election in my lifetime, and the record voter turnout is amazing. Since I have not registered to vote here in Florida yet, I have to wait until the general election to cast my ballot. That hasn’t stopped me from giving my opinion to anyone that will listen. My cousin Lee, aka The ambassador to Jack Daniels and I used to have long talks on politics when we lived together in Dallas, now he is a big shot running the Hispanic outreach for Senator Cornyn’s campaign. I have no doubt he will be a guy we are reading about in Texas Monthly one day.

It looks like McCain has pretty much wrapped up the Republican nomination, but I doubt the Democratic side will get decided tonight. It will all come down to how the Hispanics in Texas voted. My mom is a Hillary supporter while my dad is an Obama backer. No surprise there, as they have never really seen eye to eye.


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