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I Miss Mexican Food

I should say that I miss GOOD Mexican food. Since moving to Florida there are many things that I miss about Texas; family, friends, Whataburger and Mexican food. If you want great Cuban food, you can find many great places to eat to here. Mexican food requires a little more research. So Friday night me and Omesh (he is a 1st year medical student at LECOM), aka the doctor went to this place called Acapulco here in Lakewood Ranch. After making small talk with the waitress and finding out she was from Brownsville Texas, I was certain that the food had to be good. I was even more assured when the doctor asked for black beans, the waitress almost chewed his head off saying “Mexicans don’t make black beans, we eat refried beans.”

After looking over the menu I decided on a classic; cheese enchiladas. While waiting for our food and enjoying a margarita on the rocks, the doctor was telling me about his new block of studies, this one focusing on neurology. I swear I become smarter just listening to the doctor explain his curriculum. The food finally arrived and looked okay, but I wish it tasted as good as it looked. I have tried to make enchiladas before and they are no easy task, but I figure if you are running a Mexican restaurant you should be able to make a staple of the Mexican restaurant menu. I was wrong. So the search for a good Mexican restaurant will continue.

At least the Margarita was good.


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